High Profile Cases

High Profile Litigation Cases

  • Representation of Mark Fuhrman (L.A.P.D. Detective) against the New Yorker magazine for defamation.
  • Initial representation of Fred Goldman and his daughter against O. J. Simpson for the wrongful death of Ronald Goldman.

Real Estate Litigation

  • Representation of an public corporation in litigation involving $11 million shopping center purchase by client with claims of fraud and deceit. Obtained settlement in excess of $11 million on behalf of client.
  • Representation of major real estate syndicator in connection with claims against seller on basis of fraud and misrepresentation and other causes of action involving purchase of $44 million office park.
  • Representation of buyers and sellers of real property in various lawsuits involving the enforcement of covenants contained in purchase agreements, the recission of purchase transactions on the basis of fraud and concealment and other causes of action giving rise to claims for compensatory and punitive damages.
  • Representation of property owners in litigation presenting issues regarding eminent domain, inverse condemnation, prescriptive easement, trespass, landslide, slippage and subsidence problems and constructive defects.
  • Representation of large-acreage property owners involving dispute with major oil and gas corporations and geothermal energy rights and development.
  • Representation of land owner against developer of adjoining property as a result of landslide and resulting loss of lateral support to property.
  • Representation of developer of regional shopping center in defense of action by individual who alleged oral partnership of fifty percent interest in shopping center in consideration of commercial real estate brokerage services.