Bob Tourtelot has the benefit of experience, academic and professional excellence and the skills necessary to guide his clients through the legal, political and financial demands of the 21st century. He can provide a SWAT team approach to litigation or, if time permits, a long-term battle plan. He is experienced in all phases of litigation from injunctions, temporary restraining orders, writs of attachment to trial. He effectively uses all tools of discovery to reach a client’s goal without wasting resources not essential to that goal.

Bob can also handle transactional projects whether they be the creation of leases, documentation of real property sales or negotiation and drafting of purchase and sale agreements for virtually any business situation. His depth in litigation and alternate dispute resolution experience enables him to guide a business client away from pitfalls that may lead to litigation.

Representative of Bob Tourtelot’s expertise are the major categories successfully handled:

  • High Profile Litigation
  • Personal Injury Litigation – on behlaf of Plaintiffs only
  • Business and Real Estate Litigation
  • Corporation and Partnership Dissolution Litigation
  • Libel and Slander Litigation
  • Unfair Competition and Intellectual Property Litigation
  • Labor and Employment Law Litigation
  • Wrongful Death Litigation
  • Construction Litigation

The interests of his clients are always placed before those of the firm. The numerous business contacts and professional relationships of Bob Tourtelot provide access to people who can assist the firm’s clients in addiiton to the legal services rendered.

Robert H. Tourtelot, PLC is not in the business of law, but the practice of law.